A live, on-site sushi bar!
We require at least 72 hours notice.
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Sonoma CateringImpress your guests at your next event with a sushi bar!
Customize your menu from basic to “omakase” (chef’s choice or your own creations).

Shiso will provide you with the best quality ingredients and our professional staff. Our highest standard for freshness, quality, presentation and knowledge is our commitment to you.

Shiso offers Sonoma catering services all kinds of events including:

  • Corporate parties, luncheons and events
  • Bridal showers/Baby showers
  • Weddings, Banquets, and other Special Events
  • Private in-home parties (large or small)
  • Birthday parties
  • New Year’s Eve parties
  • Team builders

We can present a variety of assorted sashimi, nigiri, rolls and canapé style appetizers. We can also do a prix-fixe dinner menu upon request.

Some options to choose from:

This option is ideal for an event where a sushi bar set up or a full meal is not needed. Perfect for meetings, conferences, seminars or just friends getting together. Our experienced staff will bring you delicious and unforgettable platters. You will enjoy the freshest food, expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Please refer to the Platter-Delivery page.

Shiso Appetizer • Option A
This option is perfect for small parties and luncheons or as an appetizer complimenting other foods. With this option you may choose three (3) varieties of Nigiri Sushi items and three (3) varieties of Rolls from our list of options. Also served with Edamame.
$25 per person (min. $850)

Shiso Appetizer • Option B
This is a wonderful package for an afternoon or evening event of medium size. With this option you may choose four (4) varieties of Nigiri Sushi items, five (5) varieties of Rolls and one (1) salad from our list of option.
$35 per person (min. $1050)




Shiso Main Stream • Option C
This is our most popular option offering a combination of sushi and hot foods. With this option you may choose four (4) varieties of nigiri sushi items, four (4) varieties of rolls two (2) entrees and one (1) salad from our list of options.
$50 per person (min. $1500)

Shiso True Style Option D
When you want the absolute best in Japanese theme party, our caterers suggest this option. This option is sure to impress while at the same time answer to any want or need of the event host. This option could be served as buffet only or combined with a sit down dinner. With this option you may choose two (2) passed appetizers, five (5) varieties of nigiri sushi, two (2) varieties of rolls, three (3) entrees, two (2) salads, one (1) soup and one (1) dessert form our list of options. Final price depends on the type of selection.
$79.95 – $89.95 per person

Custom Designed HOST MENU
With this option you may pick and choose as many items as you wish from our list of options: appetizers, salads, sushi, rolls, entrees, soup or inquire about additional items not listed. Final price depends on the type and quantity of selection.

Kai-Seki Style “OMAKASE” (Chef’s Choice)
This is an 8-10 course meal, traditionally served to royalty, recommended for small dinner parties of 20 or less. With this option you would leave it up to your chef to create his culinary works of art, putting into action his repertoire of skills, accentuating the meal with 3-4 varieties of Sake.
$250 per person (min. $2500)




Shiso will provide:

  • Two personal sushi chefs
  • A portable sushi bar
  • Pickled ginger and Wasabi
  • Chop sticks
  • Freshest fish and food materials
  • Soy sauce and sauce dishes
  • Beautiful set up


Gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of 5 or more.
Checks may be split evenly up to 4 ways per table.